Event Audio and Sound Services

Planning an event requires attention to many different details: securing a venue, acquiring permits, vendor coordination, advertising, promotion, and the list goes on. Regardless of scale, ensuring your presenter, featured speakers, or entertainers are heard is paramount. You have enough on your plate. Let us take care of the sound.

We recognize that every event has its own unique audio requirements. Our sound packages are crafted to cater to the specific needs of your event. 

Sound Packages

The Standard

The Standard

Starting at $500

For indoor venues with audiences of 50-60 people and spaces around 600-900 sq ft. Clear amplification for up to two microphones.




The Symposium

The Symposium

Starting at $1000

For indoor venues, groups and speaking engagements with audiences of 75-125 people and spaces around 1200-1500 sq ft. Clear amplification for up to three microphones.

Best Value



The Conference

The Conference

Starting at $1500

For indoor venues with larger groups as well as some outdoor events with audiences of 125+ people and spaces around 2000‐3000 sq ft. Clear amplification for up to five microphones.


Most Versatile

Competitive Value

Bring your event to life with live music, DJ and Emcee services.

Additional Services

Contact for pricing

Bring your event to life with live music, DJ and/or Emcee services.

Manage Transitions

Entertain Guests

Maintain Flow

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of musical services do you offer in your add ons?

As an acoustic performer I tailor music to the event and perform a variety of original songs and covers to fit your audience. I am also able to provide curated playlists and background music as well as DJ and Emcee services. 

Do you provide microphones?

Yes, each of the packages include the number of microphones appropriate for the venue size. Additional microphones are available if that requirement is communicated prior to the event.

Can you provide customized music for specific events?

Definitely! I want your event to be unique and specialize in creating setlists and playlists tailored to events. If you have a specific song you would like played, be it a college theme song or one that is special to you, let me know!

If the size of my event venue requires the Conference Package but I only need one microphone is there a discount?

The price of each package represents the size and power of the PA system required as well as time involved with the set up and tear down. The number of microphones included is designed to accommodate the most common requirements. Because of this there is no discount applied for unused equipment expenses.

How much time in advance do I need to book an event?

The earlier the better, but typically 3-4 weeks minimum is required. Whether you are in the planning stages or have your entire event conceptualized, I recommend reaching out as soon as you have a set date and venue.

Will there be someone on site to monitor the sound or will I have to adjust the volume?

Absolutely! With every package a professional sound technician will be there to ensure your event audio is clear, consistent and running smoothly. It's what we do!

Contact Andru Today

I am here to answer any questions you may have. Tell me about yourself, your event or venue and how I can serve you. 

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